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Foreign Trade

Foreign Trade

Ege Group is planning for various companies, which are active at the works such as tunnels, under ground building, dams and ground strenthtening  and realise their construction, more economical, more functional and more stable materials and spare parts, and is following up their production and realises their exportation. During this service his main target is to provide the combination of the correct product, correct production and suitable price. It realises its responsibility of the development and support of our industry by giving the priority of production and purchasing in the frame of quality and service principals always to the domestic producers.

Examples of the exported goods;

1. Specially punched & corrugated steel sheet to be used as mould in the tunnel construction

2. Various steel profils and sheets

3. Tunnel steel forming sets

4. Geotextile felt and membrane

5. Spare parts for the drilling machines

6. Profile bending machine and spare parts

7. Tunnel ventilation systems

8. Hydraulic jack hammer and accessories

9. Special drilling pipes

10. Steel rope and auxillary materials for the pre-tensioned anchorage systems