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D-Marin Didim

D-Marin Didim

D-MARIN DIDIM, the second ring of the Dogus Group’s marina chain, was built in Didim, its ancient name Didyma, which is known as the greatest oracle center of the ancient world. It has been very privileged address for not only the boats floating in Turkish territorial waters but also for the owners of all boats in the Mediterranean basin as a result of its location, technical infrastructure and properties.

In D-MARIN DIDIM Project, Ege Group Construction, as main contractor of the Dogus Group, followings are provided;

72,500 m³ concrete, 71,000 m² mould, 110,000 m³ excavation & leveling in the sea bottom up to -6m dept services and completed all the work before the deadline specified in the schedule




Technical Information:

Mooring capacity at the sea 580 Yat
Dry dock capacity 600 Yat
Quantity of rock used for construction 1.325.000 ton
Concrete quantity 72.500 m³
Quantity of moulding 71.000 m²
Ground drag 110.000 m³
Lenght of the main wave breaker 1.200 m
Length of the sub wave breaker 625 m
Length of the quay walls 2.330 m

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