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La Blanche Hotels Marine Structure

La Blanche Hotels Marine Structure

La Blanche Resort & Spa which commenced operation in June 2006 in Bodrum Turgutreis which lies in the “Turquoise Coast” coastal strip, definition for Aegean coasts. This special marine structure project started in December 2005 to create a beach and protected water area in the open sea for their guests, and completed in April 2006.

Moreover in 4 different regions of this protected water area, sun wharfs, with a total area of 1000 m², were built by smashing 8 inches pipes in diameter, which were in the quality of ST37 steel. Engineering and consultancy services have been given by Ege Group in this project.

Technical Information:

Protected area against open- sea waves 16.000 m²
Quantity of rock used for construction 35.000 ton
Quantity of concrete used for crownwall 800 m³
Quantity of molding 1.000 m²
Lenght of main breakwater 116 m
Lenght of sub breakwater 120 m
Lenght of secondary breakwater 130 m
Sunbath platform (4 nos) 1.000 m²

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