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D-Marin Turgutreis

D-Marin Turgutreis

D-MARIN TURGUTREIS, is a marina project which was built as marine facilities and a life center in Turgutreis Bodrum, to provide full-service for domestic and foreign high-income level groups.D-MARIN TURGUTREIS, which is the first ring of the Dogus Group’s marina chain yacht harbour construction, application management and engineering services were provided for the main contractor Dogus Group. In order to meet additional needs that emerged after the operation commenced in the Marina, the commitment for 2000 m² additional dry park area, car parking lots, extra storage buildings, additional quay with cast-in situ mass concrete (in the sea) and crown wall construction was fulfilled. Also, the yacht club renovation service was provided.


Technical Information:

Mooring capacity at the sea 550 yachts
Dry dock capacity 150 yachts
Quantity of rock used for construction 1.450.000 ton
Quantity of concrete used for crownwall 65.000 m³
Quantity of molding 105.000 m²
Levelling of sea bed 172.500 m³
Length of main breakwater 900 m
Length of sub breakwater 300 m
Lenght of the quay walls 1.606 m

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